quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011


Pieces of a fragile mind
Leaking through the holes,
That you created in my life.
My heart is no longer the same!

Believe that will be just past
So I can dream and be reborn,
These are fragments of my life
And even the poems can´t change that.

In the end we are what they let us be,
In the end we will kill every single piece,
Hoping that the pain will just go away.
Something new will be born for me to believe...again!

2 comentários:

Lacobos disse...

Ohhhh, Dany internacional =P

Muito bom ^^ adorei a escrita (e desta vez não apenas parte de meio ou fim rs) e para variar a escolha da imagem é harmoniozamente perfeita!

Bjs e Txamo!

Drizana Ribeiro disse...

Very good, Dany ! Very good !
To beautiful :)
I loved, i loved this poem
Have a nice week !